Warehousing & Handling


Documentation, Labelling, and Surveillance


Loading & Delivery

We offer a storage + picking service and other services you may need.

We have sufficient infrastructure and logistics to be able to provide the best of services.

We are located in Mercalicante, where trucks from all over Spain and Europe pass through every day. We are very well connected.

Mercalicante offers many services to agri-food companies, including customs clearance.

From Monday to Saturday, trucks of fruit and vegetables destined for third countries are dispatched from the customs area after inspection.

These are long and short-term storage, handling and distribution services for all kinds of fruit and vegetable products, through our collaborators anywhere in Europe.

Our Services include:

Here's what you get:

If you require additional services beyond those listed above, please let us know so that we may evaluate them; we welcome suggestions from you.