From the fruit of passion for agriculture practiced for generations by the IGUAL AMORÓS family, and the unwavering commitment and integrity demonstrated by FRUKLAS in its dealings with clients and suppliers, the birth of the company known as KSI TERRE came into being.

Following over a decade of close collaboration amongst its partners, KSI TERRE now stands as a stalwart presence in the agricultural sector. The honesty and transparency characterizing its members' actions, coupled with the professionalism and dedication of its human team, underline the significance of our work and provide us with the requisite fortitude to meld tradition and innovation within the agricultural domain.

Presently, KSI TERRE oversees the cultivation of more than 100 hectares in the Vinalopó region, with its principal crops comprising table grapes and artichokes. KSI TERRE employs cultivation techniques in which innovation and tradition harmoniously coexist, all aimed at obtaining the finest yields that the land can bestow upon us.

KSI TERRE is a company deeply committed to both the environment and the society that envelops us. To us, these two concepts transcend mere words or illusions; they represent our responsibility and regard for our products and the people we serve.


Partida Solana Alta de Algayat, 32

03669 La Romana (Alicante)


Operations manager


Tel. 627045806


fruklas and ksi terre, together to give you the best