1. FQS: Fruklas Quality Protocol

Fruklas ensures the quality of its products through the use of a Quality and Control protocol that is applied to Fruklas direct crops, and to crops managed by farmer members of the network that forms the Fruklas Production and Quality Chain (CPyC). .

1.1 Base protocol for the Fruklas chain of Fruits and Vegetables

soil management



Product Handling

1.2 Base protocol for all agricultural companies in the Fruklas chain

History and Management of Agricultural Exploitation

Record Keeping and Self-Assessment, Internal Inspection

Worker Health, Safety and Well-being


Waste Management and Polluting Agents

Recycling and Reuse

Environment and Conservation claims

Product Recall Procedures

Food Defense

Traceability and Segregation

General Risk Assessment and Site Management

1.3 Base protocol for all crops in the Fruklas chain


Plant Reproduction Material

Exploitation History and Management

Land Management


Irrigation / Fertigation

Integrated pest management

Phytosanitary Products


Microbiological Hazard

Responsible Usufruct of Water

Residue Analysis

Risk Assessment of Exceeding MRLs

2. Production Lines and Brands

Production lines

Integrated Production (IP)

Organic Production (OP)

Fruits and Vegetables from Integrated Production (IP), that is, from crops according to the European Union protocol. IP uses agricultural systems that use and ensure sustainable agriculture in the long term, introducing into it biological and chemical control methods, and other techniques that reconcile the demands of society, environmental protection and agricultural productivity. The protocol also ensures the handling, packaging, transformation and labeling of plant products included in the system.

Organic Fruits and Vegetables, that is, from crops certified according to the protocol for the production and marketing of fruits and vegetables in organic farming (BIO) or Organic Production (PE), which is the same.

Product Brands

Vitalis It is the basic brand of Fruklas. Products marked Vitalis have a high level of quality, because there is nothing in the Fruklas chain that does not stand out due to its highly demanding requirements. Fruits and Vegetables produced according to Integrated Production (IP). Quality Assured by: GlobalGAP Certificate or according to FQS (Fruklas Quality Protocol)

Unika is Fruklas' top line brand that offers the top of fruit and vegetable production. This type of product clearly stands out from the ordinary. Fruits and Vegetables produced according to Integrated Production (IP). Quality Assured by: GlobalGAP Certificate or according to FQS (Fruklas Quality Protocol)

Horeklas line of products for the channel Ho.Re.Ca.

BioKlas Products grown according to the Organic Production (OP) protocol and certified by accredited Organizations.

Quality Control: according to OP protocol, organic certification.

N.B.: The FRUKLAS Quality System verifies all crops and farmers. When some crop is not certified, each produce is grown in accordance with the Integrated Production and Integrated Fight protocols.