Production, distribution, agricultural and commercial services

Fruklas s.l. is an agricultural production and services firm that cultivates grapes of the Red Globe, Aledo, Italia, and Crimson kinds. A portion of the output is grown in accordance with the protocol of the Regulatory Council of the PDO Uva De Mesa Embolsada Vinalopó.

The agricultural grounds are spread throughout several hundred hectares in Alicante, Valencian Community, Spain.

Furthermore, Fruklas oversees and maintains the output and quality of other related farmers of other agricultural goods for later sale in worldwide markets and retail chains. This enables the firm to provide a diverse assortment of fruits and vegetables, all of which are thoroughly monitored and certified by our Quality standard.

Fruklas has ties with grape and other product manufacturers from the greatest producing regions in Europe and South America to complete the commercial cycle of the grape for 12 months and thus give service to clients throughout the year.

Fruklas manages the supply chain from manufacturing to customer delivery to assure product traceability and compliance with its quality pledge, which first and foremost implies a guarantee of health for the consumer.

Not only that, but Fruklas has built a regulated chain of very high-class items offered under the Unika brand, which shows our dedication to nature's grandeur.

But our effort does not end with product evidence; we are also concerned that our business colleagues follow the fundamental standards of social responsibility, labor rights, and commercial kindness.

Fruklas has grown significantly over the years, achieving important goals such as a larger surface area for its own grape and artichoke cultivation and a network of farmers who provide fruit and vegetables according to a precise Quality protocol directly managed and verified by Fruklas, with whom we work every day and who comprise the Fruklas Production Chain.

Fruklas' distribution has been consolidated both locally and nationally through platforms, supermarkets, and the Ho.Re.Ca channel.

The export concentrates on grapes of high quality throughout Europe and North America.

Platforms and supermarkets in Spain and abroad (with relation to our grapes) have played an important role in our expansion, guaranteeing wide distribution of our goods that are still demanded and enjoyed by customers.

Our Mission

We have learnt that there is only one way to behave in the fruit and vegetable trade, and in the agricultural and grocery industry in general: understand production concerns and know how to correlate with the market.

We chose the symbol of the connection because we are convinced that we must combine the instances of production with market demands, the good of the land with the consumer's right to obtain a healthy and tasty product, agricultural practices with environmental protection, and work with people's rights.

Because each fruit of the field has its own flavor, and we do not agree with erasing such good traditions from our memory and frustrating our senses, it makes us responsible to be very careful when it comes to quality measures, because if we do not achieve the excellent, we will not reward the ordinary with our brand.

By the way, as producers, we understand how tough it is to manufacture quality while also ensuring the consumer a decent, nutritious product that is environmentally friendly. On the other hand, we have created ethical principles that we intend to follow, because our company only markets the best of each crop, and both producers and buyers understand that our primary goal is consumer happiness.

We are convinced that all of the chain's participants are our associates. It is no accident that our goods are represented by a growing plant; we understand that we must develop with our producers as well as our clients in order to achieve long-term success. And we've expanded sufficiently in these years to solidify this concept, which has led to outstanding business partnerships throughout Europe and America.


Transport has long been a sensitive topic in the fruit and vegetable industry. We are all aware that fresh items are perishable and that preserving their characteristics is challenging. But, we have found a solution! Fruklas has resolved this matter through joint agreements with transport companies and dispatch agencies that guarantee all of the procedures necessary and ensure that the product arrives in all of its natural freshness. This is a critical component of Fruklas' success, since our clients in Europe and America continue to distribute our fruits and vegetables, which are wanted by an increasing number of consumers and are constantly in high demand.

Quality Products

We are devoted to providing excellent products and services that meet the needs of each client. Our mission is to be regarded as market leaders in terms of innovation, quality, quick response, and added value. We adhere to both our quality standards and the needs of our clients as outlined in the relevant contracts and agreements.

Honest Marketing Communications and Activities

We believe that long-term business relationships are founded on honesty and trust.

We strive to achieve our goals via better research, manufacturing, and marketing.

We must never try to win in business by employing unethical or dubious commercial techniques.

Honest and accurate communication regarding products and services is critical to meeting our customer duties. We must be truthful in our marketing operations, develop proposals and offers based on true, accurate, and comprehensive cost and pricing data, and negotiate contracts honestly.

Our Brands

It is Fruklas' basic brand, but that does not imply that the crops labelled Vitalis are of low quality, because nothing in the Fruklas chain fails to stand out owing to its stringent criteria.

By the way, each product must fulfill the following minimum requirements:

1. derived from environmentally friendly agriculture; 2. cultivated using integrated agricultural techniques; 3. Ensure consumer health safety; 4. Preserve organoleptic qualities; 5. Retain its features as an earthly product.

Furthermore, Fruklas promotes producers to qualify their crops for quality certification, such as Global GAP for agricultural practices and BRC for IV and V range.

anbel gold is Fruklas' premium brand, offering the best in fruit and vegetable production.

Besides from its direct manufacturing, Fruklas manages a network of high-quality farmers, resulting in a product that clearly distinguishes itself from the usual.

Customer and third-party communication

Anybody wishing to contact us for comments, concerns, or other reasons can use our contact page or the addresses listed on this website.

Thank you very much for putting your faith in us.

Juan Ramón Perez Berenguer

Director of Fruklas s.l.

Offices: Mercalicante, Pto. 134/136/138Ctra. Madrid, Km. 4 – 03007 ALICANTE – España C.I.F. B-53939146Fax +34 966300790 Móvil +34 617710647