High-quality crops grown in accordance with production methods that protect consumer health, the environment, and workers

Grape, fruit, and vegetable cultivation in the Alicante region.

Excellent grapes grown in accordance with the PDO Uva De Mesa Embolsada Vinalopó Regulatory Council procedure.

Fruits and vegetables from GLOBALG.A.P. certified or integrated productions.

Our products are cultivated in accordance with quality standards, with consideration for consumer health, biodiversity, the environment, and labour.

Farmers in our supply chain can rely on our robust commercial organization, long-term connections, corporate responsibility and openness.

Nationwide distribution of Alicante-area fruits and vegetables, as well as foreign produce, round out our offering.

National Distribution to Platforms, Supermarkets, Distributors.

We provide fruits and vegetables nationwide to meet the needs of each client in terms of packaging and variety, as well as a delivery service that assures the timeliness and freshness of our products. 

Our clients and business partners benefit from a dynamic organisation and a developing commercial network.

Organisation and Commercial Network.

We are pleased to conduct business with serious and trustworthy organisations. We work with major farmers, importers, and clients in Spain, Europe, and North America. As a result, and because we prefer to deal with individuals who understand how the business works, please approach us only if you are an expert in this field and are absolutely serious, if you have anything logical to present, and if you are not dreaming of impossible things. Please, bear in mind that we are not a worldwide corporation, so do not submit any ridiculous proposals.


We export high quality products to European Countries, Extra EU, and North America.